A standard six pupil from Birunda Trans Nzoia County committed suicide after her brother punished her for spending the night with her boyfriend.

According to her sister Brigid Wakhungu, Mercy Wakhungu, aged 16 and a pupil at Birunda Primary School, escaped from their home and spent the night with her estranged boyfriend at undisclosed location.

Mercy later returned home at around 6am and her brother confronted her demanding to know where she had spent the night.

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My brother demanded that she explains where she had spent the night but she refused, prompting him to punish her,” said Brigid.

When her brother asked her to accompany him to where she had spent the night, she escaped along the way and returned home.

Trans Nzoia County Police Commander Ayub Ali, who confirmed the incident, said that the girl locked herself in the house and hanged herself using a rope.

Our officers visited the scene and found the body hanging from the roof with a rope around the neck. There were no visible injuries,” Mr Ali noted.

The body has since been taken to Kiminini Cottage Hospital mortuary.