Details have emerged on the dramatic events that took place on the night when, Eric Oloo, a journalist working for the Star journalist was murdered in a house belonging to his lover – Deputy OCS Sabina Kerubo.

Witnesses painted a picture of a complicated relationship between Oloo and Kerubo who were cohabiting as husband and wife.

Indeed, on the night when Oloo died, Kerubo was reported to have gone home with her lover when Oloo was sleeping in the bedroom.

The lover was described as a chef who is normally tasked with preparing special meals for Kerubo and her family.

The Deputy OCS did not stay long and left with her lover after a short while. They returned once again at around midnight. The two were joined by the chef’s brother.

The two brothers proceeded to Kerubo’s bedroom where they pulled Oloo from his bed, before beating him up as Kerubo urged them to stop.

Aftre the thorough beating, it appeared Oloo lost conscious after which the two brothers wiped blood off him and placed him on the bed.

It is not clear when the two left although they have been arrested to help police with investigations. Apart from Kerubo and the two brothers – the police woman’s teen daughter and a house help were in the house.

At around 7.30 in the morning, the police woman called on her landlord to take Oloo to the hospital claiming “she was very sick”.

The landlord refused to cooperate after seeing Oloo’s state. He told police that the journalist appeared to be already dead and had visible head wounds which Kerubo suspiciously blamed on Oloo “banging his head on the wall”.

The landlord proceeded to report to the police after which Oloo’s body was taken to the mortuary.

Police appeared reluctant to arrest the Deputy OCS, initially telling journalists that they had arrested their colleague after arriving at the crime scene in the morning.

Kerubo was arrested in the afternoon and had all along been hanging out at a chang’aa den near her house.

Others who have been arrested include the police woman’s house help, and daughter as well as the two brothers who were in the house on Wednesday night.