Police Spokesperson Charles Owino has revealed why the names and pictures of officers caught on video brutalizing JKUAT student will not be released.

Speaking during an interview on Wednesday morning, Mr Owino said that they were protecting the families of the officers from trauma.

Mr Owino reasoned that the names and pictures of the officers will come out once they are charged in a court of law.

If your child is in school and the father is revealed to have beat up somebody the other children will mock the child over and over,” Mr Owino said.

Police Spokesperson Charles Owino
Police Spokesperson Charles Owino

What is most important is the action… we felt preliminarily we hold the names. Some of these officers have done very good things,” he added.

Use of excessive force

The police spokesman pointed out that IPOA had the names and pictures of the officer and further clarified that only three policemen had been interdicted.

We did not interdict 4, we interdicted 3. The fourth officer has not been identified. We will also not release pictures and names of the officer,” the Police Spokesperson stated.

Renee Ngamau, the Chairlady Amnesty International also put law enforcement officers on the spot for using excessive force.

Police officers brutalizing a JKUAT studentPolice officers brutalizing a JKUAT student

Ms Ngamau stated that: “We have had 78 deaths at the hands of police this year. This is not an issue of individual rogue officers. Police officers have a chain of command; Kenyans need to know who was in charge.

The panel called on action to be taken on the police officers who brutalized students fighting for better security and airing their grievances.