Busia Senator Amos Wako has been denied entry into the US over alleged involvement in corruption.

In a press statement by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, Senator Wako, his wife Flora Ngaira and son Julius Wako were banned from entering the country and doing business with it over corruption allegations while he was attorney-general.

Today (Monday), the Department designates former Kenyan Attorney General Amos Sitswila Wako due to his involvement in significant corruption,” read part of the statement.

 “In addition to the designation of Mr Wako, the Department is also publicly designating Wako’s wife, Flora Ngaira, and son, Julius Wako,” it continued.

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo
US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo

Second time banned

This is the second time Mr Wako has been banned from setting foot in the USA.

In 2009, the USA announced that Mr Wako had been banned from the country because he was considered an obstacle to the fight against graft.

At the time, Wako said during a press conference he planned to take legal action against the US because the reasons it gave for revoking his visa were defamatory.

Pompeo stated that the action will send a strong signal that the United States is a valuable partner in Kenya’s fight against corruption.

Economic prosperity for all Kenyans is only possible by defeating the scourge of corruption, which also requires a functional, fair, and transparent criminal justice system,” he said.

Mr Wako may still be allowed onto US soil if he visits as a member of the Kenyan delegation to the UN meetings or if the UN invites him, even though his movement could be restricted.